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The Passion was born out of our passion for this shoe brand! As mother of four, two girls and two boys, and a husband who is a bit style conscious too we've had many reasons and opportunities over the past years to get to know countless shoe lines of FLY LONDON. In fact, it was Christmas last year, 2010, when out of a whim my youngest son Steve, age 14, suggested that we should count all FLY LONDON pairs of shoes that we own in the family: The six of us, plus our direct relatives.

FLY Shoe 1After several waves of recollections we ended up at 168 pairs of FLY LONDON shoes. I couldn't count all my own shoes myself but with the extensive help of my daughters we found out that I myself owned at least 48 pairs of FLY LONDON shoes, sandals, and boots. Tom, my husband, owned just 9 pairs (this we were able to figure out with certainty). Even MY MOTHER owned more! That was Christmas 2010.

FLY Shoe 2By now, between me and my family we own well over 200 pairs of FLY LONDON shoes, and only rarely buy other brands at all anymore. So you may ask: "Why so many shoes from this brand?"

FLY Shoe 3I think our passion for this brand grew both for practical reasons as well as for its "feel good" factor. We love FLY LONDON shoes for their style, comfort, timeless elegance, and durability. The firm's ethos "Always Progressive, Never Conventional" truly describes most of the FLY LONDON shoe lines!

The "Feel Good" Factor

With "feel good" factor I mean something that we all find hard to explain: Somehow, wearing models of this shoe brand makes us feel good - for once something we all agree on in the family! It's one of these (rare) magical things. Like it was initially with the iPhone. Using it could make you "feel good", no?

FLY makes us feel good!However, my personal problem with say the iPhone is that there is just ONE of it in the end, and "everyone" seems to have that same item or icon (more or less the same) - which I don't like as much.

So, while the "feel-good" factor using the iPhone faded over the years, the "feel good" factor when wearing my various models of FLY LONDON shoes, boots, sandals etc actually INCREASED. With way more than 200 lines of womens shoes alone, wearing FLY LONDON always allows for the feeling of being special.

Now you know how our whimsical 2010 Christmas excursion led to this website, Maybe a bit unusual in our family is that while Tom is a teacher I am indeed the businesswoman: I successfully run various restaurants in different towns and have recently expanded into managed "Bed & Breakfast" too. Since I am also quite computer-savvy I decided just after Christmas to build a website that would allow us to share our passion with the world. Of course, all the family helps with the site (one more than the other).

The Philosophy

I wanted a "professional" website, I wouldn't want this to leave the impression of a home-made "fan" site. Instead my intent is to allow all those of you who don't live near a FLY LONDON store to EXPLORE this brand as well. Maybe then at some point to try it out, and to see if this makes you feel good too. After all, life is something very special, and we should strive to make the best of it, to enjoy it! Every day if we can. Every day we can!

How Much We Use Our Feet!Naturally, I believe that great food in the right atmosphere is a crucial factor in this equation. Health and Beauty are another one. But what do we do even more often than eating, looking in the mirror and presenting ourselves? Yes, we use our feet! We walk. Or, to say it with FLY LONDON: We fly - "Don't Walk, FLY".

Don't Walk, FLY!

Now you may wonder what our site can do to allow you to EXPLORE the FLY LONDON brand that Javari, Amazon, and other sites can't or don't do?

The MY FLY LONDON Advantages!


First First of all, with MY FLY LONDON we aim to let you EXPLORE all shoes etc of the FLY LONDON brand (all for which we can obtain images) - regardless whether they are currently available to buy. Conversely, shopping sites typically display no more than what sells. Also, shopping sites, including Javari and Amazon, even struggle to display correct information for the items they want to sell! Frequently item descriptions are wrong, and it's not rare that even shoe names and/or colours are wrong, or colours are displayed as sizes, etc.
Second Second, when my son Steve showed me a (totally unrelated) website where visitors could see themselves trying on different items, I was hooked and knew that this is what I wanted for our site! However, it immediately became clear that the existing technologies are unsuitable when it comes to shoes (legs and feet have no fixpoints!). TRY ON animation Thanks to my ingenious hubby however, now you can indeed TRY FLY LONDON® shoes, boots, sandals etc, and SEE YOURSELF wearing them! - No other shoe site, not even Amazon, offers you this FEELING WELL EXPERIENCE.
Third Third, with MY FLY LONDON you have a clean and lean site layout for an easy and pleasant browsing experience. Conversely, shopping sites like Javari and Amazon are fraught with cross-selling information and flashy popups. This may be rather irritating, if not annoying, and it doesn't allow for a relaxed browsing experience.
Fourth Fourth, giving a shopping site - on top of my address and payment details(!) - full insight into my browsing profile is just too much for me - and probably for you too once you think about it. I find it extremely annoying to get marketing emails from Amazon each day at midnight(!) after I searched their site for whatever item: "We noticed you are interested in ..., and we thought you might also like..." - NO, THANKS!!!
For this latter reason, our site intentionally does no more than to allow you to EXPLORE any or all FLY LONDON shoes etc. You CANNOT buy them from us yet always buy them through We DON'T want your address and payment details. We DON'T send you after-visit marketing emails inviting you to buy this or that item. We DON'T trace your browsing habits, and we DON'T track you down. All is good on! 🙂
In summary

Instead, MY FLY LONDON shall offer you a completely independent experience to EXPLORE all FLY LONDON shoes, boots, sandals, trainers, etc. The shopping you may then do on the shopping site (say Javari or Amazon) - if you want! In that case, of course, we would appreciate if you kindly use our link to reach the shopping site.

The small sales commission we would get if you purchase is the only way for a site like ours, over time, to recover the huge investment we've made. And you won't lose a penny: All shopping sites include the sales commission in their prices anyway, so if you don't buy your shoes through us, you'd provide Amazon etc with more net income than they have planned!

Since we aim to give you the EXACT LINK to your chosen item, the shopping site will know nothing about your browsing profile and other interests! They don't know what else you've been looking at, and they can't send you such after-visit marketing emails! And if you DON'T SIGN UP to their "newsletters" (buy-more letters), "Refer a friend" etc, you WON'T be inundated with their many offers. Just a tip.

Having high ethical standards in our family line, we strongly dislike becoming a "transparent customer" ourselves - even less so where we don't want to be a customer at all yet but just wish to explore something we don't yet know. Maybe you will feel similar, at some point.

We Welcome Your Feedback!

Feedback PleaseThese are just the key reasons why I have the hope that our site MY FLY LONDON will succeed, with your help. If in the beginning not all is to your liking, please bear with us, and also feel free to Contact MY FLY LONDON to tell us how we can improve



Please, please tell us what we can do better, and tell others how good we are. - Share the love!

Thank you very much.