Once you know Why Javari at the moment generally is your best choice to buy your FLY London shoes - not to explore them, that you best do here (see Why MY FLY London?) - you may also want to know what your second-best choice is, in case Javari don't have your favoured shoes (at the best price).

So, let's also briefly discuss why in such a situation it is sensible to buy your FLY London shoes from Javari's parent company AMAZON - again, hopefully after you've explored them here on Why is currently Amazon your second-best choice?

Amazon horizontal banner large

  • FREE ("Super Saver") Delivery - but typically in 3 to 5 days, not the next day!
  • FREE Returns - but only on UK orders, and only for 30 days, not 360!
  • Super Price - but not 100% Price Match Guarantee!

You can easily see that, although being great terms too(!), Javari's terms are yet considerably better! That's why we recommend that, wherever available and price-wise for you acceptable you use the link to Javari, and only where not available, to Amazon.

NOTE: Even in the limited cases where Amazon (or a third party) offer you a better price for your desired shoe size and colour you may end up paying a higher price because the terms of delivery and returns are worse than what you get from Javari (see Why Javari?). Also, other vendors including Amazon often use a deliverer that simply leave a card saying you'll have to collect your parcel from their nearest collection point - which may be 1 mile or 20 miles away. Then, unless you walk, you'll automatically pay a higher price.

Finally, you may wonder "Why not buy FLY London shoes directly on their own shop website?"

Because you won't get any of the significant discounts that you get when you buy through MY FLY London from Javari or Amazon. You would pay the official FLY London list prices instead (slightly reduced when they have a sale). Also, you would have considerably less favourite delivery terms too.

Any questions? Your personal questions are always welcome on our Contact MYFLYLondon page.