TRY FLY LONDON® is a unique, free offer from Here you can TRY ON any FLY LONDON shoes, boots, sandals, etc. On one of our model avatars or on yourself after you uploaded your photos that suit you best: Only here SEE YOURSELF wearing your selected FLY LONDON footwear!

TRY ON Shoes - AnimationFor shoes this HOW DO I LOOK is unique. Remarkable also is that MY FLY LONDON aims to let you EXPLORE ALL FLY LONDON footwear - whether available to buy or not. All for which we can obtain the relevant shoe images, possibly with your help or someone else's? aims to build the largest collection of anything FLY LONDON! And you can help: With more shoe photos, with our morphed images that you mark as "public", with your shoe stories, your shoe comments, your suggestions, your feedback, and ... with your referrals please, yes! We need YOU to be successful for you: Tell your friends, tweet, like, post, share, exhibit. Everything helps.

To TRY FLY LONDON® shoes, simply click the link "TRY ON" on any colour-specific shoe page. The link will look like this example (just isn't linked here):

TRY ON FLY LONDON Ananas BlueTRY ON animation

Did you notice that the first three images on this page are animations? If you can't see the shoe animations you may want to change to a better browser or a different device.

Enjoy Your MY FLY LONDON Experience! Shoe TRY ON
Again, this is an animation. It shows how simple it is to TRY ON shoes on

Simply drag & drop the shoes over your feet! When dropped, you can resize and rotate for better fit. While dragging, the shoe is semi-transparent, so you can see exactly how the shoes fit the shape of your feet!  Again, something unique that you get ONLY on MYFLYLONDON. 🙂

Once you drag & drop the second shoe, the first shoe is locked in position. If you later want to change the fitting of the first shoe, drag & drop it to the sidebar first and then back over your foot.

When finished trying on the shoes, and you like the fit and looks, click 'Save this image in my profile' to retain it for later. Note that all such morphed images are private, ie only visible to you. That's why you must log in.

User Profile Page
This could be your User Profile Page - where you can manage your own person photos and morphed images

To make a specific, saved image public, tickmark the box 'Share public'. - Please kindly do so for at least some images. The plan is that at some point we will show such public images to other site visitors as a great example of shoe-try-on's (or shoe trials?).

Each image automatically gets an appropriate name, eg 'MYFLYLONDON TRYON FLY LONDON Mes Red Patent'. To change it, simply type over it and click the 'Update' button that will appear.

To delete an image, click the 'X' in the top right corner. To download an image, obviously click 'download'. 😉

In addition to the existing model photos accessable to everyone, you can also upload your own photos! The Profile page gives precise info how to 'Add your own Person Photos'.

Best is to subsequently upload photos that show you from all sides for which we have shoe images: from front, from left, from right, from back, as well as a front left angle view and front right angle view.

If you give each of your uploaded photos a descriptive name, eg 'myself in black dress from front', 'myself in green skirt from left' etc, it will help you to quickly identify them in future when you try on new shoes, boots, sandals or whatever.

Just don't forget to click 'Update Profile' when you've made changes to your Profile page.


We feel we have covered everything you may need at some point. However, improvement suggestions are always welcome! 🙂

One minor point we have already identified ourselves: The code that saves a morphed image has a small bug... When a shoe has been rotated (gladly only then it seems 🙂 ) the shoe is slightly misplaced in the saved image (towards the top left).

For now, if it really matters to you, you can either adjust for this when you put on your shoes (and you need to rotate one because of your foot angle), or alternatively you could save a screen-copy and upload that.

Only when we have many more visitors at some point, and you all happily use our links to buy shoes you like to buy (please do this), we may get just enough sales commissions to be able to afford the next round of coding work! - So far, our site doesn't even pay for it's own hosting... 🙁

Any questions or suggestions? Just pop us a message here.

Now Enjoy Your MY FLY LONDON Experience!


Remember, and all of this is *free* for you. You don't pay anything here!

Hence we really hope that if you then decide you want to buy any FLY LONDON shoes, you will happily use our link so that we can utilize the seller's budgeted commission to further develop this phantastic shoe site for your pleasure! Thank you.