Shoe Colours as we describe them

While FLY LONDON and particularly Amazon seem to apply some strange color definitions when they name a shoe color... we at MY FLY London first analyse the colour composition of the shoe before we name the shoe color. 🙂

This is the reason why you may often find, when you click through to Amazon or Javari, that the colour name there is different to the colour name you saw on It is definitely the same shoe (as determined by Amazon's 'ASIN'), only that we gave it a more accurate colour name. 😉

Nonetheless, sometimes the actual colour of one and the same shoe line changes over time. As this can happen all the time, we do not then adapt the colour name (since we also do not then swap the shoe photos).

Colour Variations

You may sometimes experience that the colours of the shoe model you bought are slightly or even significantly different to the colors shown on images of the same shoe model. See for example these colour variations of the Yule Knee High Boots. They indeed all sell as Camel:

FLY London colour variations - Yule Camel - Example 1 FLY London colour variations - Yule Camel - Example 2 FLY London colour variations - Yule Camel - Example 3


Or these ones both sell as Red Patent:

FLY London colour variations - Yule Red Patent - Example 1 FLY London colour variations - Yule Red Patent - Example 2


The colour variations of any shoes have a general reason and, for FLY London, they have a particular reason too.

First, the general reason for colour variations is that genuine leather is natural - and in nature skin and hence leather differ in shades and colouring. Therefore it is entirely normal to have colour variations both across a single shoe and from one shoe to another.

Now the FLY London particular reason for colour variations: FLY London are an incredibly successful brand of the KYAIA group of companies owned by the Portuguese Fortunato Frederico. Fortunato Frederico

The brand FLY London is highly popular among cosmopolitans all over the world. As such, the company processes huge volumes of materials each month. Although the company buys entire lots of the materials needed in any given week, natural materials like leather are simply not consistent over time. The composition of herds changes, and manufacturing and refinement processes change too.

In addition, the fashion brand FLY London in particular is devoted to make frequent changes to colours, build, and style. FLY London is very innovative indeed. With many of their shoe lines, no doubt FLY London are two steps ahead of competitors!

So, as long as the colours of the shoes you bought suit you(!?), you may (and should) appreciate variations in colouring as they are a sign of natural product quality, fashion, and innovation. After all, they also further help to stand out from the crowd. 😉

And what if you don't like the colour(s) you got?

There's another advantage of buying your FLY London shoes through MYFLYLondon from JAVARI (see why Javari?): Javari's unique policy of FREE RETURNS during an entire YEAR(!) gives you more than ample opportunity to consider and reconsider if you want to keep the shoes you bought. As long as you try them on (and show off) on a carpet only and with all tags still attached (in order to leave them unscathed) you should have no problem sending shoes back to JAVARI by visiting this link: Javari Returns.

Thus, in case you are unsure, you could wait for your friends or relatives to arrive from Australia to tell you what they think of your new shoes! And even if that's not any sooner than say in half a year, you could still send the shoes back to JAVARI - FOR FREE! - There's nothing else to wish for.

Size Variations

Some people claim that there's a general rule that FLY London shoes are always one size up so you should buy one size down. However, this is not true. While many shoe models are indeed a bit generous in size, there is no "general rule" that would apply. In fact, for one and the same shoe line some customers have mentioned that they better had bought one size down while others have mentioned that they better had bought one size up.

The truth is that, first of all, our feet are very different, not just across the human species but also over time. Not only the length of our feet but also their width, and in particular the height and volume of our instep determine how we experience a specific shoe model!

In addition, there are of course also size variations within one and the same shoe line due to its manufacturing. Note that all FLY London shoes are still being handmade(!) to a large extent - see How FLY London shoes are made - courtesy of To test acceptance, the initial batches of a new shoe line generally are 100% handmade.

Of course, handmade shoes generally vary more in size and shape than machine-made shoes. Note that even shoes manufactured on machines often vary by up to one size (half up, half down). Hence you will appreciate that for handmade shoes it's not rare that they may vary by up to two sizes (one up, one down).

This is the explanation why seemingly more customers of FLY London shoes complain about size variations than customers of other shoe brands, ie that the size of the shoes they received seemed to be different to the size they had ordered, say on Javari or Amazon: Most other shoe brands are machine-made, but FLY London shoes are handmade to a large extent.

By the way, no FLY London shoes sold on the European continent (this includes the UK 😉 are made in China - as some uninformed website sources purport to "know". In fact, the company that owns the brand FLY London initially only made any of their shoes in its home country Portugal.

Only when FLY London shoes became a global phenomenon (thanks to their comfort and style), the FLY London brand started to have the shoe lines that are being sold overseas (from Portugal perspective) to be manufactured overseas (first in Pakistan, and when the quality was considered insufficient, in China) - since from a logistical point of view this makes more sense.

So what if the shoes you got don't fit?

Simply send them back. 🙂