FLY LONDON Yule are available in the following colours and variations: Black, Black Patent, Brown, Camelbrown, Dark Brown Patent, Dark Purple Patent, Dark Red Patent, Graphite, Green Patent, Lead, Military, Navyblue, Purple, Purple Patent, Red, Red Patent.

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FLY LONDON Yule Black Patent
Black Patent
FLY LONDON Yule Camelbrown
FLY LONDON Yule Dark Brown Patent
Dark Brown Patent
FLY LONDON Yule Dark Purple Patent
Dark Purple Patent
FLY LONDON Yule Dark Red Patent
Dark Red Patent
FLY LONDON Yule Graphite
FLY LONDON Yule Green Patent
Green Patent
FLY LONDON Yule Military
FLY LONDON Yule Navyblue
FLY LONDON Yule Purple
FLY LONDON Yule Purple Patent
Purple Patent
FLY LONDON Yule Red Patent
Red Patent

FLY LONDON Yule are all-purpose stylish ladies leather knee high boots with 1 inch platform and 3 inch wedge heels.

Yule platform boots feature a 3/4 inside zip as well as an elastic rear panel at the top of the boot leg, both of which help getting in and out of these beautiful knee-high ladies boots. The elastic rear panel is hidden by a foldover leather flap that's fastened with velcro.

FLY LONDON Yule come in very soft genuine leather and with the 'medium anti-slip' quality sole that you know from say FLY LONDON Yuly, FLY LONDON Yuna, FLY LONDON Yaz and countless other FLY LONDON shoe lines.

Like almost all models from FLY, Yule are incredibly comfy womens boots! This and that FLY generally makes stylish shoes, boots etc are probably the two key reasons for the largely unmatched attraction and millions-strong loyal customer base of this shoe brand.

I have FLY LONDON Yule in Purple and in my personal opinion Yule are yet more stylish than Yuly (which I have as well) - although you of course may oppose my opinion here. Fact is that both these womens wedge boots are very similar: They have the same sole, same zip, and same overall style - which does make it hard if you have to decide between the two!

So where are the differences then?

  • The style of the rear leather flap and the stitching are a bit different
  • Yule are a bit wider around the ankle and a bit slimmer around the calves (for me at least)
  • And, more technically speaking, Yuly are manufactured of two main cuts of leather, while FLY LONDON Yule is made of three main cuts of leather.

This means that, generally, Yule should fit better than Yuly (more precisely, should fit a wider variety of women's feet). However, with both these models being so incredibly comfy that you'd be forgiven to feel like you are walking on air(!), I find it pointless to try to compare the comfort of these boots, and personally I cannot (I'd say both are equally comfy).

Anyway, these FLY LONDON boots for women you will love too! Go, try them on here on MY FLY LONDON, and when you like them as well simply order them through our site from Javari with 360 days no-risk-at-all(!), or from Amazon with 30 days no-risk if you place your order for delivery to a UK address. In the unlikely case that you don't like them you can then send them back to Javari or Amazon for free (and to Javari even for any reason, or indeed no reason at all!). See Why Javari? and Why Amazon?.

So, if you wanted some knee-high boots anyway, you can't go wrong with checking out these cool mid-high platform boots! Speaking of 'cool', no, FLY LONDON Yule are actually pretty warm boots. Ideal for cold winter days, but also cool enough to wear them on nights out (except of course on the hottest mid-summer nights - of which which we don't have too many in the UK).

Of course I treat mine with adequate shoe care so that they don't get wet inside and don't show snow marks or salt stains. Some people don't give their shoes this occasional "friend treatment", I know. Then it's no surprise that their shoes (regardless from which shoe brand!) don't last as long.

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