FLY LONDON Yedi are available in the following colours and variations: Beige - Black - Grey, Black - Offwhite - Rubyred, Blue - Black - Grey, Brown - Petrol - Dark Brown, Mustard - Dark Purple - Black Suede, Offwhite - Greybrown - Black, Red - Beige - Khaki Suede, Smog - Rubyred - Anthracite.

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FLY LONDON Yedi Beige - Black - Grey
Beige - Black - Grey
FLY LONDON Yedi Black - Offwhite - Rubyred
Black - Offwhite - Rubyred
FLY LONDON Yedi Blue - Black - Grey
Blue - Black - Grey
FLY LONDON Yedi Brown - Petrol - Dark Brown
Brown - Petrol - Dark Brown
FLY LONDON Yedi Mustard - Dark Purple - Black Suede
Mustard - Dark Purple - Black Suede
FLY LONDON Yedi Offwhite - Greybrown - Black
Offwhite - Greybrown - Black
FLY LONDON Yedi Red - Beige - Khaki Suede
Red - Beige - Khaki Suede
FLY LONDON Yedi Smog - Rubyred - Anthracite
Smog - Rubyred - Anthracite

FLY LONDON Yedi are dainty womens slip on platform wedge shoes with 0.75 inch platform and 2.4 inch wedge heels.

Yedi are top quality and super-comfy wedge platform shoes, giving you height without the usual compromise to comfort.

FLY LONDON Yedi come in cozy soft genuine leather. The generous perforation on this model, all around except the heel, guarantees to keep cool feet even on the hottest summer days.

The insole of these womens shoes offers a nice cushion, and the outer sole is the one-piece bouncy rubber with 'medium' anti-slip quality that you know from countless other FLY LONDON shoes. For example, FLY LONDON Yaz, FLY LONDON Yogo, FLY LONDON Yuna etc.

Note that Yedi are cut to fit standard toes (which are rather 'flat'). So if you have high toes, you may find this model of wedge shoes too tight, and you may need to ask your local cobbler to stretch the front up a bit.

Conversely, the shapes of human feet are too different for any generalisation about shoe size to be true. That's why for example on Amazon so many customers write conflicting advice about shoe size.

The best tip still is to TRY ON all shoes here on MY FLY LONDON where you can see your feet straight through the shoe, and how much room you've got left, and then to order them from Javari (who accept free returns for an entire YEAR) or alternatively from Amazon (who accept returns for a MONTH). Then again, try them on at home, walk around on your carpets, and if you find you've got the wrong size simply send them back for free to exchange them for another size. Really easy.

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