FLY LONDON Yarg are available in the following colours and variations: Black, Black Patent, Brown, Camelbrown, Dark Brown Patent, Green Patent, Greybrown, Petrol, Purple Patent, Red Patent.

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FLY LONDON Yarg Black Patent
Black Patent
FLY LONDON Yarg Camelbrown
FLY LONDON Yarg Dark Brown Patent
Dark Brown Patent
FLY LONDON Yarg Green Patent
Green Patent
FLY LONDON Yarg Greybrown
FLY LONDON Yarg Petrol
FLY LONDON Yarg Purple Patent
Purple Patent
FLY LONDON Yarg Red Patent
Red Patent

FLY LONDON Yarg are womens hiking boots style leather lace up platform ankle boots with 0.75 inch platform and 2.5 inch wedge heels.

These Yarg ankle boots are sooooo comfy - it's insane! I have Yarg in Camelbrown and actually use them for hiking (weekend family trips across the countryside) as well as shopping trips - when I know I won't try on shoes (then no time to do laces).

So yes, Yarg platform boots are lace up boots! However, doing the laces on these is the quickest of any lace up shoes I have. Somehow FLY LONDON made the brass eyelets in a way that they 'help' you doing the laces (may sound weird, I know).

FLY LONDON Yarg wedge boots come in soft genuine leather, and with high shaft which greatly supports the ankle during my 'hikes' and extended strolls with the dogs.

The thing is, when I come home I sometimes forget to take them off - so comfy these ladies boots are! The mid heels (considering the platform, these are mid heels), and the wedge heels further contribute to the comfort.

Yarg are wedge ankle boots for women who don't need to look 'super-sexy' all the time, but who need to walk comfortable and in style.

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