FLY LONDON Yaki are available in the following colours and variations: Black, Black Patent, Camelbrown, Dark Brown, Dark Grey, Petrol, Red Patent.

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FLY LONDON Yaki Black Patent
Black Patent
FLY LONDON Yaki Camelbrown
FLY LONDON Yaki Dark Brown
Dark Brown
FLY LONDON Yaki Dark Grey
Dark Grey
FLY LONDON Yaki Petrol
FLY LONDON Yaki Red Patent
Red Patent

FLY LONDON Yaki are practical platform high ankle boots for women - with 0.75 inch platform and 2.75 inch wedge heels.

The platform of Yaki wedge boots is fairly small, and since the wedge heels aren't high either the net lift (heel above ball of the foot) is a healthy 2 inch. Yaki are mid heels.

Yaki are made of beautiful and soft genuine leather, cut to a loose fit. The two leather straps with O-ring and velcro-fastening however guarantee a fit as tight or loose as you want or need it. In addition there is a full length inside zip, further enhancing the incredible comfort of these fantastic womens boots.

The sole is made of one piece and is the successful 'medium' anti-slip sole you know from so many other FLY LONDON womens footwear, like for example FLY LONDON Yakin sandals, FLY LONDON Yarg ankle boots, and FLY LONDON Yuly knee high boots.

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