FLY LONDON Valve are available in the following colours and variations: Black - Offwhite, Dark Brown, Grey - Offwhite, Purple - Greenblue, Red - Black, Sludgeolive - Pink.

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FLY LONDON Valve Black - Offwhite
Black - Offwhite
FLY LONDON Valve Dark Brown
Dark Brown
FLY LONDON Valve Grey - Offwhite
Grey - Offwhite
FLY LONDON Valve Purple - Greenblue
Purple - Greenblue
FLY LONDON Valve Red - Black
Red - Black
FLY LONDON Valve Sludgeolive - Pink
Sludgeolive - Pink

FLY LONDON Valve are stylish ladies mid heels leather ankle boots with 2.2 inch kitten heels.

With Valve I associate the Parisian Haute Couture - shoes that fine ladies in Paris would wear, strolling between Madeleine and Opera House... - ^^dreamin'... ^^ 🙂

Yes, these elegant ladies boots do look a bit "French", don't they? I find them very stylish indeed! For me personally they are just a bit narrow fit, but then you know I don't have the slimmest feet, ha! (how could I, in my job!)

FLY LONDON Valve come in genuine leather, with full-length inside zip (despite being low-cut ankle boots); and with three aesthetic dress buttons lining up above the vamp.

The sole of these chic ankle boots for women doesn't quite match the rest of the boots though: The sole is just a plastic compound, with small rubber dots underneath that grant a bit more grip (but not much more).

Apart from this sole, Valve are top quality, the leather is very supple, and the kitten heels are very comfortable.

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