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"Care about your shoes and they care about you" the saying goes. Meaning, your FLY LONDON shoes will feel most comfy on your feet when you give them a tiny bit of treatment too once a while. This needn't amount to effort - a leisurely 20 second "friend treatment" every so often should do just fine. See below if you want to do more for your friends.

Shoe Care the right way


Maintaining Shoe Shape

star If you, like 85% of the people (and myself too) wear off your heels unevenly, make sure to have them replaced regularly - before your spine discs get just as worn out too! Yes, I know what I am talking about here, but you can ask your physiotherapist if you need further confirmation: Every millimeter (you read that right) your heels are banked, your spine and spine discs unconsciously try to balance for. And sooner or later, you'll feel pain in your back. So don't let that happen.
star Use shoetrees in all your shoes while not wearing them. It doesn't have to be cedar shoetrees as you can read in many places, even simple plastic ones can suffice IF they have the right shape and stability. This is the condition. Shoetrees must evenly fill and lightly stretch the shoe. No more. Or they will do more harm than good to your shoes and hence to your "feeling good"!
star Stuff wet shoes as tight as you'd stuff a turkey or chicken, but with old newspaper instead of fruit and seasoning (just a reminder for any inexperienced men). Also, don't put the shoes in the oven or even near any heat source. Instead, always let shoes dry out completely and at room temperature before you wear the same pair again (now you know why I need many shoe pairs anyway). This is an important, often overlooked part of good shoe care.

Maintaining Shoe Breathability (and Looks)

star Always remove dirt as soon as possible. Don't let dirt build up on dirt.
star As a primer, a grounding, apply a conditioning cream thinly and evenly (remember: Breathability). Buff the cream softly into the shoe's material.
star Where needed, use a colored cream - obviously the same color as your shoe. So always try to get the right shoe cream at the time you get new shoes.

Shoe Waterproofing

star Then add a thin layer of a quality waterproofer (note the order). None of them will keep your shoes really waterproof (for long), but the good ones protect your shoes and hence your feet from an inflow of water when you are being surprised by say a short rainshower.
star A quality waterproofer maintains the inner stability of the shoe's material. It keeps it in good shape (also see above). Like with the conditioner, the waterproofer is buffed into the shoe's material - unless it is a modern spray. In that case, keep a distance of one feet between shoe and nozzle, and spray outside in a wind-protected spot.

Shoe Polishing

star The third and final thin layer is Shoe Polish. Like the waterproofer it should be colorless/clear - remember, any color refreshment was applied with the first layer. Now the Shoe Polish's task is to encapsulate both servicing layers underneath, and to give the shoes a shiny finish if you want that.
star Buff the Shoe Polish with very little pressure and in rotating movements onto the shoe, ie don't press it into the shoe's material.

This was the short version of top shoe care for your new (and old) FLY LONDON Shoes. If you can, apply the three layers (or have someone do it) after every two or three times wearing the shoes (the removing of dirt each time of course), and you'll have continuous pleasure with your small investment into feeling good!

Change your shoes at least once a day (I change them three times a day when I run around a lot). This gives your shoes time to recover, and your feet a chance to remain active in the shoes and to feel refreshed. Of course, this also drastically increases your "feel good" factor! And, it will reflect on other people's perception of you too.

One cannot overestimate the impact of frequently wearing different and always well-maintained shoes!