FLY LONDON Nail are available in the following colours and variations: Beige - Dark Brown, Black - Indigoblue, Dark Brown - Espresso, Green - Black, Red - Black.

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FLY LONDON Nail Beige - Dark Brown
Beige - Dark Brown
FLY LONDON Nail Black - Indigoblue
Black - Indigoblue
FLY LONDON Nail Dark Brown - Espresso
Dark Brown - Espresso
FLY LONDON Nail Green - Black
Green - Black
FLY LONDON Nail Red - Black
Red - Black

FLY LONDON Nail are gorgeous ladies T-bar high heels spectator-style dress shoes with about 0.6 inch hidden platform and 4.2 inch cuban heels.

OMG! With Nail FLY LONDON have nailed it again: What a gorgeous pair of exquisite ladies shoes!

FLY LONDON Nail come in top quality genuine leather in one colour, with the rims beautifully set off in another colour, making Nail spectator shoes.

Across the toes, a row of bronze-gold coloured studs have been set out in feminine curves to accentuate the nonchalance of these very high dress shoes, while successfully distracting from the hidden platform:

It's impossible to measure it but I'd estimate that Nail are about 0.6 inch platform shoes. Thank God this platform takes away a lot of the anxiety I would otherwise have with more than 4 inch high heels! You know that I am normally against high heels, but exactly this hidden platform gave me an excuse to try on FLY LONDON Nail. And gosh, I was won over!

Nail have a cushioned insole, and the leather too feels smooth on the skin. The outside buckle fastening acts like a pull strap through the T-Bar which gives good stability without exerting pressure on the tibia. The heel of the foot is cleverly positioned diametrical to the rounded cuban heels. All of this makes for a surprisingly comfortable walk in FLY LONDON Nail - such that they feel more like mid heels rather than high heels shoes.

Of course I still can't wear these when running around all day in my restaurants, but I do wear them for receptions and other opportunities to present myself in the best light. Each time, "Oh's" and "Ah's" are guaranteed and I have to say where I got my Nail!

But guess what, given FLY LONDON's ever increasing popularity I've now had a few guests who guessed it, and said "Are they from FLY?"!! This made me speechless for a moment.

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