FLY LONDON Mary Boots are available in the following colours and variations: Anthracite, Black, Brandy, Brownbeige, Camelbrown, Dark Brown, Dark Brown Suede, Greybrown, Tan Suede.

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FLY LONDON Mary Boots Anthracite
FLY LONDON Mary Boots Black
FLY LONDON Mary Boots Brandy
FLY LONDON Mary Boots Brownbeige
FLY LONDON Mary Boots Camelbrown
FLY LONDON Mary Boots Dark Brown
Dark Brown
FLY LONDON Mary Boots Dark Brown Suede
Dark Brown Suede
FLY LONDON Mary Boots Greybrown
FLY LONDON Mary Boots Tan Suede
Tan Suede

FLY LONDON Mary Boots are womens casual pull-on slouch high ankle boots with about 1.5 inch block heels.

These womens boots look and feel informal, representing total nonchalance. Mary Boots are sturdy boots, still the soft genuine leather, the premium craftsmanship, and the low heels stand for unmatched comfort!

FLY LONDON Mary are fairly high ankle boots for women, despite the shaft being pulled down by leather belts on both sides to give a marked slouch effect.

Note that the initial batches of these boots had teething problems such that the sole was rapidly wearing down, and the glue holding it in place was disintegrating. However, these problems have been addressed by using a different compound and a stronger stitching on the sole, such that the initial problems should belong to the past.

I do not have Mary Boots myself, and our daughters have neither, but I have test-worn them a few times to see how they compare. Personally, I am not a fan of slouch boots but I have to admit that these pull on boots are yet another example of the magical FLY LONDON comfort.

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