FLY LONDON Jules are available in the following colours and variations: Black, Bright Blue, Dark Grey, Dark Pink.

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FLY LONDON Jules Black
FLY LONDON Jules Bright Blue
Bright Blue
FLY LONDON Jules Dark Grey
Dark Grey
FLY LONDON Jules Dark Pink
Dark Pink

FLY LONDON Jules are sexy high heels ladies sandals with 0.75 inch platform and 4.5 inch chunky stiletto heels.

Jules platform sandals are another great example of FLY LONDON's ability to design high heels that you can actually wear - so comfortable they are! 🙂

FLY LONDON Jules gain their comfort from:

  • being platform heels
  • the chunky stiletto heels
  • the slightly upwards pointing tip of the sandals
  • the slightly forward-angled heels
  • the padded insole
  • the cushy seamless genuine leather
  • and the outside buckle fastening

This is womens footwear to die for!

Because these womens sandals are very high heel sandals, I haven't yet gotten them for myself, but my sister has Jules and she's been reassuring:

"They feel rather like 3-inches, they only look like 4-inches!".

Doh!, as I know me, I may get them for the next summer.

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