FLY LONDON Jule are available in the following colours and variations: Black Suede, Espresso Suede.

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FLY LONDON Jule Black Suede
Black Suede
FLY LONDON Jule Espresso Suede
Espresso Suede

FLY LONDON Jule are stylish womens rear lace up knee high boots with 1.75 inch block heels.

Jule are the knee high version of FLY LONDON Jovi (which are mid calf).

The rear lace up of these knee high womens boots starts about 5 inch below the top of the boot leg, and this gives the impression of riding boots when looked from behind.

In addition to the rear lace up, Jule leather boots feature a short inside zip that ends at the height of the calves. Together with the rear lace up this zip does allow easy getting in and out of these gorgeous boots for women.

FLY LONDON Jule offer the same successful rounded block heels that we know from so many other FLY LONDON shoes and boots, like for example FLY LONDON Jovi and FLY LONDON Jodi.

The suede leather of FLY LONDON Jule is soft and comfortable, and the round toe further adds to the comfort of these elegant ladies boots.

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