FLY LONDON Joss are available in the following colours and variations: Black, Greybrown.

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FLY LONDON Joss Greybrown

FLY LONDON Joss are sexy ankle strap gladiator-style high heels ladies sandals with 0.75 inch platform and 4 inch stiletto heels.

Joss are yet another women's dream of FLY LONDON shoes! So sexy and so comfy!

Because FLY LONDON Joss are platform womens sandals, the remarkably high heels are still bearable: I can walk in my Joss platform heels for hours on end!

FLY LONDON Joss have a bit the appearance of gladiator sandals, but in the most gorgeous way possible.

There are two buckle fastenings on these platform sandals, however the upper (on the ankle strap above the ankle) actually is a quick velcro fastening that has been given the aesthetic appearance of a buckle fastening. The lower (on the ankle strap below the ankle) really is a buckle fastening, but you can easily leave it on your prefered setting - you don't need it to get in and out of these stunning platform high heels.

The top leather strap across the vamp is nicely studded, the genuine leather is top quality, and the entire shoe is well made.

The sole and heels are one-piece rubber - quite chunky, giving enormous stability to the wearer.

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