FLY LONDON Joshy are available in the following colours and variations: Dark Brown, Dark Grey.

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FLY LONDON Joshy Dark Brown
Dark Brown
FLY LONDON Joshy Dark Grey
Dark Grey

FLY LONDON Joshy are funky fringed womens knee high boots with 2 inch block heels.

With its leather fringes, apart from being unicolor womens boots, Joshy fringe boots are the knee high boots version of FLY LONDON Jilly (which are ankle boots).

However, to make getting in and out easier, FLY LONDON Joshy feature a full-length inside zip.

The gorgeously crafted, rounded chunky block heels are the same that the brand chose for say FLY LONDON Jilly, FLY LONDON Jinda, FLY LONDON Jody, and FLY LONDON Jimi.

Note that some models of FLY LONDON Joshy are genuine leather and others are suede leather.

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