FLY LONDON Jon are available in the following colours and variations: Raspberryred.

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FLY LONDON Jon Raspberryred

FLY LONDON Jon are womens sexy leather high heels platform mules with 1 inch platform and 4 inch stiletto heels.

As typical for Mules, FLY LONDON Jon are:

  • backless slide-in shoes
  • heeled - Jon are even womens high heels!
  • closed at the toes
  • and quite stiff (but not as much as Clogs)

In addition, FLY LONDON Jon are about 1 inch strong platform heels. The platform together with the 5 degrees inbound angled chunky stiletto heels lend these ladies shoes a lot of sex appeal!

The folded genuine leather (ultra-comfy!) and the centered leather strap that's covering the entire vamp like a water slide complement the extravagant looks of these uniquely styled womens shoes!

As you guessed, I have FLY LONDON Jon myself, and am delighted! The platform makes the high heels bearable for me, and I show off my treasure (Jon) at receptions, parties, and the occasional night out. I even wear mine in the house - which confirms to me how comfy they are.

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