FLY LONDON Jimi are available in the following colours and variations: Black - Slate, Brown - Military.

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FLY LONDON Jimi Black - Slate
Black - Slate
FLY LONDON Jimi Brown - Military
Brown - Military

FLY LONDON Jimi are womens brogues spectator shoes with 1.75 inch block heels.

As typical for brogues and spectator shoes, Jimi come in sturdy genuine leather (but nonetheless FLY LONDON-typical soft leather). Some models are markedly bi-colored spectator shoes, other models rather brogues.

Hence, FLY LONDON Jimi are of course lace-up shoes in masculine style. This is accentuated by the chunky block heels.

The feminine features of these ladies shoes are the curved vamp and the beautifully crafted, rounded block heels!

The leather is top-quality, as typical for FLY LONDON shoes.

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