FLY LONDON Jess Moccasins are available in the following colours and variations: Yellow.

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FLY LONDON Jess Moccasins Yellow

FLY LONDON Jess Moccasins are ultra-comfortable leather womens moccasins with flat heels.

First, to avoid confusion, please note that FLY LONDON Jess is the name of Moccasins, Boots, and Sandals. So, you need to be careful when you order any of these online, or you may end up with the wrong Jess shoes! - If you buy FLY LONDON Jess in a shoe boutique or in one of the exclusive FLY LONDON stores, then you won't have trouble actually getting the Jess Moccasins - if they are still available, that is!

FLY LONDON Jess Moccasins are low-cut and airy womens footwear.

Jess Moccasins are made of genuine leather, beautifully stitched, and with pearl-shaped carve-outs at the front and rear. The flat sole is well-padded, and there is even a leather insole. At the rear, a leather flap is holding these remarkable ladies moccasins comfortably close on the heel.

Sadly, FLY LONDON Jess Moccasins seem to have been available only for a very short time. But my younger daughter snatched them up at that time, and she loves wearing these FLY moccasins!

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