FLY LONDON Janie are available in the following colours and variations: Black, Camel, Dark Brown, Green, Greybrown, Petrol, Purple.

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FLY LONDON Janie Black
FLY LONDON Janie Camel
FLY LONDON Janie Dark Brown
Dark Brown
FLY LONDON Janie Green
FLY LONDON Janie Greybrown
FLY LONDON Janie Petrol
FLY LONDON Janie Purple

FLY LONDON Janie are traditional-style open womens shoes with 2.75 inch wedge heels.

Janie are open on the sides, leaving a lot of air in to keep the feet comfortable. They are not as wide open as sandals shoes though: Janie have a closed upper, closed back and closed front, only the sides are open.

FLY LONDON Janie remind me of shoes that many women in Bavaria (southern Germany) wear with their traditional costumes - and probably in other parts of the world too. That's why I call them traditional-style. 😉

Janie come in genuine leather with outside buckle fastening and elasticated on the inside. The entire sole including the wedge heel are a very modern looking composite. The opulent stitching and the three studs on the upper (and the open sides) make these ladies shoes stand out.

The 2.75 inch mid heels are just short of high heels, and Janie certainly don't feel like high heels.

I don't have these FLY shoes myself but both my sister and my mother have FLY LONDON Janie, and they both love them.

Janie are very comfy - despite the heel height. They look great with a dress, and surprisingly even great with jeans!

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