FLY LONDON Jalep are available in the following colours and variations: Black, Red.

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FLY LONDON Jalep Black

FLY LONDON Jalep are fashionable womens high heels leather pull on knee high boots with 1.25 inch platform and 4.25 inch stiletto heels.

Jalep's distinguishing features are the elasticated leather 'waistbands' around the ankle and at the top of the boot leg - the first giving more stability to the wearer, the second making it easier to get into and out of these pull on boots (and, yes, preventing rain entering from the top of the boots).

Other than these 'waistbands', of course the platform and the remarkably high heels further accentuate these flamboyant womens boots. You will get noticed in these FLY LONDON boots! You will get compliments. These are sexy knee high boots!

But don't be mistaken: Despite the platform, FLY LONDON Jalep are very high boots. Although the net height is just over 3 inch, they may even feel higher due to the slim stiletto heels and the slight backwards incline of the sole.

Like so often with FLY shoes, Jalep are characterised by insanely soft genuine leather - which adds to the feeling of leisurely comfort when you wear these ladies boots.

Finally, the entire sole and heels are one-piece rubber, which not only emphasizes the modern appearance of these womens leather boots but also protects very well against bad weather: You can walk through puddles and no water will soak through!

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