FLY LONDON Indy are available in the following colours and variations: Black, Steelblue, Yellow.

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FLY LONDON Indy Steelblue
FLY LONDON Indy Yellow

FLY LONDON Indy are elegant ladies celebrity high heels court shoes with 3.2 inch stiletto heels.

Indy high heels look even more sexy in real than on the photos!

These are shoes for women to show off as celebrity. And that's exactly how you will be received by passersby. Add that nuance of nonchalance, and people will think you are a celebrity and they will treat you like a celebrity! Happens to me all the time with these shoes.

I have FLY LONDON Indy in Yellow, and if they were still available in Black I'd get those too. Absolutely awesome shoes!

Yes, Indy are high heels (with the typical pressed wood heel), but nonetheless wearing comfort is breathtaking.

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