FLY LONDON Ibis are available in the following colours and variations: Black Suede, Greenmilitary Suede, Grey Suede, Redpurple Suede.

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FLY LONDON Ibis Black Suede
Black Suede
FLY LONDON Ibis Greenmilitary Suede
Greenmilitary Suede
FLY LONDON Ibis Grey Suede
Grey Suede
FLY LONDON Ibis Redpurple Suede
Redpurple Suede

FLY LONDON Ibis are chic ladies mixed leather foldover slip on shoe boots with 3.2 inch wooden stiletto heels.

Ibis Booties are genuine leather ladies shoes, however they feature a suede leather foldover that turns them to shoe boots.

FLY LONDON Ibis are unicolour womens shoes, although the suede leather foldover may of course have a slightly different shade than the genuine leather base of the shoes.

I have Ibis shoe boots in Redpurple, and they look and feel absolutely fabulous!

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