FLY LONDON Gus are available in the following colours and variations: Anthracite Suede, Black Suede, Brown Suede, Dark Brown, Greybeige Suede, Tan Suede.

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FLY LONDON Gus Anthracite Suede
Anthracite Suede
FLY LONDON Gus Black Suede
Black Suede
FLY LONDON Gus Brown Suede
Brown Suede
FLY LONDON Gus Dark Brown
Dark Brown
FLY LONDON Gus Greybeige Suede
Greybeige Suede
FLY LONDON Gus Tan Suede
Tan Suede

FLY LONDON Gus are womens military-style lace up ankle boots with 1.25 inch block heels.

Gus are fairly masculine leather boots for women, with the feminine curves of the stitching being the only indicator that Gus are indeed womens boots.

The chunky sole, the narrow boot leg, and the laces lend FLY LONDON Gus the military appearance.

These lace up boots are certainly not appealing to all women, but one has to admit that FLY LONDON Gus are an excellent example of top quality military boots for women.

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