FLY LONDON Grinch are available in the following colours and variations: Beige - Tan, Black, Greenpetrol - Tan, Piombo - Black, Red - Tan.

Click on any image below to see FLY LONDON Grinch in detail and to try them on:

FLY London Grinch Beige - Tan
Beige - Tan
FLY London Grinch Black
FLY London Grinch Greenpetrol - Tan
Greenpetrol - Tan
FLY London Grinch Piombo - Black
Piombo - Black
FLY London Grinch Red - Tan
Red - Tan

FLY LONDON Grinch are super-stylish easy pull on ladies leather open ankle shoe boots with 2.5 inch kitten heels.

Grinch are the ankle shoe boots sister of Gilt, Glia, and Glo.

FLY LONDON Grinch are basically fine ladies court shoes, but with an added short boot leg and a 2 inch wide X bar leather strap all around below the ankle, culminating in a large outside buckle.

These features, plus the extravagant cut-out heel, make FLY LONDON Grinch super-stylish, high-end womens shoe boots in ostentatious court shoes style!

As typical for FLY LONDON, the genuine leather and handmade assembling are of supreme quality. Resulting in absolutely awesome ladies shoes.

I have Grinch in Piombo - Black, and they look particularly impressive with half-length skirt or casual dress. I wear my Grinch only to events like parties and presentations where I want to impress, and indeed I get loads of compliments!

I wouldn't have time to answer the typical follow-up questions while I am at work.

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