FLY LONDON Grin are available in the following colours and variations: Black, Black Patent, Blue, Camel, Dark Blue, Dark Brown, Green, Green Patent, Grey, Offwhite, Offwhite Patent, Petrol, Pink Patent, Plumred, Raspberry, Red, Smog, Smog Patent.

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FLY London Grin Black
FLY London Grin Black Patent
Black Patent
FLY London Grin Blue
FLY London Grin Camel
FLY London Grin Dark Blue
Dark Blue
FLY London Grin Dark Brown
Dark Brown
FLY London Grin Green
FLY London Grin Green Patent
Green Patent
FLY London Grin Grey
FLY London Grin Offwhite
FLY London Grin Offwhite Patent
Offwhite Patent
FLY London Grin Petrol
FLY London Grin Pink Patent
Pink Patent
FLY London Grin Plumred
FLY London Grin Raspberry
FLY London Grin Red
FLY London Grin Smog
FLY London Grin Smog Patent
Smog Patent

FLY LONDON Grin are insanely comfy leather womens sandals with 1 inch platform and 3 inch cork wedge heels.

Not only are Grin insanely comfortable, they also come in magically clear colours. FLY LONDON Grin are truly stunning ladies sandals

The platform heels of these wedge sandals reduce the net lift to a healthy two inch - further confirming that you can wear FLY LONDON Grin all day long.

Without question, super-soft genuine leather has been used to assemble these top notch ladies sandals!

Note that the first lots of Grin apparently had an issue with the pressed cork sole that could make it split after long continuous wear. However, this seems to have been solved:

I have FLY LONDON Grin myself, in White and in Silver, and as you can imagine I have to run MILES during shifts in my restaurants. Nonetheless, the soles are still intact, and the feet feel great and almost relaxed even after a very long day!

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