FLY LONDON Fult are available in the following colours and variations: Aquamarine - Cream - Sludge, Black - Dark Grey - Plumred, Bluelilac - Dark Grey - Blue, Plumred - Light Sludge - Dark Grey, Raspberry - Dark Pink - Plumred, Steelblue - Sludge - Cream.

Click on any image below to see FLY LONDON Fult in detail and to try them on:

FLY LONDON Fult Aquamarine - Cream - Sludge
Aquamarine - Cream - Sludge
FLY LONDON Fult Black - Dark Grey - Plumred
Black - Dark Grey - Plumred
FLY LONDON Fult Bluelilac - Dark Grey - Blue
Bluelilac - Dark Grey - Blue
FLY LONDON Fult Plumred - Light Sludge - Dark Grey
Plumred - Light Sludge - Dark Grey
FLY LONDON Fult Raspberry - Dark Pink - Plumred
Raspberry - Dark Pink - Plumred
FLY LONDON Fult Steelblue - Sludge - Cream
Steelblue - Sludge - Cream

FLY LONDON Fult are highly fashionable ladies peep toe high heel ankle shoes with 3.75 inch stiletto heels.

Fult are an exciting mix between ankle boots, shoes, and sandals:

  • They offer a light, mesh-style leather ruff that appears to levitate just above the instep and reaches up above the ankle.
  • However, unlike ankle boots, these cool FLY shoes feature an open toe area, and in addition they are open all around the instep too - like sandals.
  • Had FLY LONDON Fult not these two opposing features, they would be high heels in the form of court shoes.

Entry and exit are easy thanks to a well-integrated rear zip.

Of course, FLY LONDON Fult are made of genuine leather. Note that the leather ruff is so extremely soft and loose that you may not feel it (the ruff is meant to levitate loose).

I have these unique ladies shoes in Aquamarine - Cream - Sludge, and they do turn heads all the time! Women ask me "Where did you get them?" (I say "You can get these FLY ladies shoes online" on 😉 and men either whistle or just stare, or they say something quick like "VERY cool".

Yes, FLY LONDON Fult are very cool indeed!

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