FLY LONDON Full are available in the following colours and variations: Black - Dark Grey - Lilac, Black - Yellow - Green, Black Matt - Dark Grey, Bluegrey - Brownpurple - Dark Grey, Brownpurple - Militarybrown - Lilac, Dark Brown - Brown, Greenbrown - Lilac - Black, Red - Dark Grey - Black.

Click on any image below to see FLY LONDON Full in detail and to try them on:

FLY LONDON Full Black - Dark Grey - Lilac
Black - Dark Grey - Lilac
FLY LONDON Full Black - Yellow - Green
Black - Yellow - Green
FLY LONDON Full Black Matt - Dark Grey
Black Matt - Dark Grey
FLY LONDON Full Bluegrey - Brownpurple - Dark Grey
Bluegrey - Brownpurple - Dark Grey
FLY LONDON Full Brownpurple - Militarybrown - Lilac
Brownpurple - Militarybrown - Lilac
FLY LONDON Full Dark Brown - Brown
Dark Brown - Brown
FLY LONDON Full Greenbrown - Lilac - Black
Greenbrown - Lilac - Black
FLY LONDON Full Red - Dark Grey - Black
Red - Dark Grey - Black

FLY LONDON Full are remarkable ladies high heel knee high boots with 3.75 inch stiletto heels.

Full are made of genuine leather. Entry and exit are easy thanks to the inside zip reaching from the sole to the calf, and the cutout at the rear top of the boot leg.

FLY LONDON Full are remarkable for three reasons:

  1. The shape of FLY LONDON Full is entirely discreet, but the clever use of different colours make these ladies boots flamboyant.
  2. FLY LONDON Full can be worn to both events with dresscode casual and events with dresscode smart. Not that they are a mix between both extremes, no, they magically fit into both as if they were made for both!
  3. Despite being high heel boots, these ladies boots are insanely comfortable. You may think: "Like generally all FLY LONDON footwear". Yes, but still, to achieve this with high heels is a huge challenge for the manufacturer, and a lasting pleasure for the wearer!

The only drawback with these ladies leather boots is that FLY LONDON don't offer them in all the colours we'd like! I for example would love to get them in Red - Black, and in Yellow - Red, but they don't offer that. So I got the closest match: I have them in Red - Grey - Black, and in Black - Yellow - Green.

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