FLY LONDON Frisk are available in the following colours and variations: Anthracite, Black, Camel, Dark Brown, Dark Grey.

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FLY LONDON Frisk Anthracite
FLY LONDON Frisk Black
FLY LONDON Frisk Camel
FLY LONDON Frisk Dark Brown
Dark Brown
FLY LONDON Frisk Dark Grey
Dark Grey

FLY LONDON Frisk are stylish womens leather biker-style pull-on ankle boots with 2.2 inch block heels.

The boot leg of Frisk is ruched, with a small leather shackle or flap at the top on each side. The shackles are fastened with studs, and the studs repeat all around the lower part of the boot leg. The shackles or flaps are actually functional: They help to get in and out of these georgeous womens boots.

These ankle boots for women are very comfortable indeed: Our younger daugther wears them all day, and goes clubbing with these too.

FLY LONDON Frisk come in precious, strong, genuine leather, with a nice stitching connecting the sole. The sole is made of soft rubber - which has the typical pro and the typical con: It absorbs shocks very well, resulting in even more comfort! The downside is, it also somewhat "absorbs" water, like all FLY boots that have this type of sole. But these leather ankle boots are too precious for rainy weather anyway.

Don't worry too much that these biker boots are pull-on. Like with all pull-on boots it's about the right technique. Then they are easy to get on and off. So don't be put off by those who didn't bother to develop their own pull-on technique and instead criticized the boots. If your feet can stretch and flex normally, Frisk are actually comparatively easy to get on and off.

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