FLY LONDON Flud are available in the following colours and variations: Anthracite Matt, Black Matt, Camel, Dark Brown.

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FLY LONDON Flud Anthracite Matt
Anthracite Matt
FLY LONDON Flud Black Matt
Black Matt
FLY LONDON Flud Dark Brown
Dark Brown

FLY LONDON Flud are casual womens pull on cowboy - biker style ankle boots with 2.25 inch block heels.

Flud are genuine leather boots with precious finish. Some may call them cowboy boots, others may go for biker boots. Both is appropriate as FLY LONDON Flud feature a leather "collar" all around the bottom of the boot leg - held together by an inside and an outside ring. At the top of the boot leg is a small inside and outside flap.

These leather ankle boots look stunning and are hugely comfortable! Also, despite being pull on boots, Flud are very easy to get on and off.

Our younger daughter has FLY LONDON Flud in Camel. She often wears them on her Vespa. When they get wet, she pulls a string through the flaps at the top of the boot leg and hangs the shoes on the clothes line to dry.

Note that Flud's sole is made of some absorbent rubber, so these FLY LONDON boots are great for fair weather but not ideal in rain - which ankle boots aren't anyway!

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