FLY LONDON Flora are available in the following colours and variations: Beige - Black, Black, Black - Piombo, Cuoio - Brown, Red - Piombo.

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FLY LONDON Flora Beige - Black
Beige - Black
FLY LONDON Flora Black
FLY LONDON Flora Black - Piombo
Black - Piombo
FLY LONDON Flora Cuoio - Brown
Cuoio - Brown
FLY LONDON Flora Red - Piombo
Red - Piombo

FLY LONDON Flora are unusual womens ballet-style lace up open ankle shoe boots with 0.25 inch flat heels.

Flora are a mix between flat ankle boots, flat shoes, and flat sandals: From behind they look like ankle boots, but worn they feel like a mix between gladiator sandals and shoes.

FLY LONDON Flora are Spectator shoes: bi-coloured, with the toe area in a second colour. Flora have two rows of laces above the low-cut vamp. These flat shoe boots are very lightweight - like ballet shoes.

Flora Ankle shoes are made of genuine soft leather.

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