FLY LONDON Farin are available in the following colours and variations: Black, Dark Brown, Petrol, Purple.

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FLY LONDON Farin Black
FLY LONDON Farin Dark Brown
Dark Brown
FLY LONDON Farin Petrol
FLY LONDON Farin Purple

FLY LONDON Farin are Lapland-style womens flat ankle boots with just 0.2 inch flat heels.

"Lapland-style"? 😉 Well, we haven't been to Lapland yet, and I don't think they actually wear these womens boots there, but let's call them "Lapland-style" to help you associate a warm, mysterious boot with FLY LONDON Farin. These flat boots do look somewhat warm and mysterious, don't they?

Farin are mixed material FLY LONDON boots. A bit like FLY LONDON Fan, they are part leather, part textile, however FLY LONDON Farin are ankle boots. The base and part of the short boot leg is genuine leather, with a bit of suede leather at the front of these boots, and the remainder of the short boot leg is textile that feels woollen. The flat sole is a sole piece of rubber.

FLY LONDON Farin feature a full length inside zip - although this isn't actually needed since the boot leg is very short.

In cold, dry weather these unusual womens boots probably aren't bad at all. But come a bit of rain or a deep puddle, and your feet will be soaking wet! Note that you can't waterproof the textile as you can the leather. So, in my opinion, FLY LONDON Farin are a bit unpractical. On the other hand, we don't actually have as much rain here as foreign visitors like to believe!

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