FLY LONDON Ananas are available in the following colours and variations: Black, Blue, Red.

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FLY LONDON Ananas Black
FLY LONDON Ananas Blue

FLY LONDON Ananas are trendy ladies court shoes with an open inner side and about 2.5 inch stiletto heels. Ananas come in fresh colours too. These court shoes are made of genuine leather. They are comfortable to wear.

Note the open inner side. As this reaches down right to the shoe sole you do get the odd fresh breeze onto your foot sole (while we walk we lift the middle part of our feet). The foot sole is where we feel cold quickest. So FLY LONDON Ananas are fantastic for warm day situations where, for whatever reason, we can't wear sandals, but they are less suitable for chilly days I'd argue. But then, personally I feel cold on my feet rather quickly!

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