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The power of our FIND (search function)

The Find button next to the search form at the top of the screen's sidebar gives you access to the powerful "Relevanssi" search as modified by us with a lot of love and care: Your search on MY FLY LONDON will provide you with much better results than you are used to get from say Amazon, Javari, and any other sites.

How to best use FIND on MY FLY LONDON

  • Default is 'AND', meaning if you enter say sandals shoes, only pages with the words sandals and shoes will be found
  • If nothing is found on a page, search will automatically repeat with 'OR', meaning it will now find pages with the word sandals or shoes
  • In many cases best will be to use double quotation marks, eg: "sandals shoes" will find pages with this exact term
  • For many common terms like this, or "knee high boots" or whatever, you can of course alternatively use our FLY LONDON BY CATEGORY feature that you see in the right sidebar too
  • Text search is case-INsensitive, meaning that say sandals shoes and Sandals Shoes will find the same results
  • Search result pages nicely show the shoe images, and these link to the shoe pages - Note that although the shoes found may not always depict your search term, your search term does actually appear in the shoes' description
  • On the shoe pages, found search terms will be background-highlighted - for as long as you click through search result pages

Cool, eh? 🙂