Why Javari?


Let us briefly explain why it is sensible to currently buy your FLY London shoes through MY FLY London from Javari, the Amazon subsidiary. Why this is the BEST DEAL for you.

One could be inclined to think that the following image says it all - but that's only part of the story (so do read on):

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On ALL items ordered:

  • FREE One-Day Delivery!
  • FREE Returns for 365 days!
  • 100% Price Guarantee!

FREE One-Day Delivery - What it actually means

star Deliveries to a UK address typically ordered before 7.00pm on a business day are sent as FREE One-Day Delivery, ie they will normally arrive the very next day - unless you live in parts of Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, any Isles, Cornwall or Northumberland (where it may take up to three days).
star Deliveries to an EU address (any EU country!) are sent as FREE Standard Delivery, ie they will normally arrive:
within 3 days max! to Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, or Netherlands
within 4 days max! to Ireland or France
within 5 days max! to Austria, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, or Sweden
within 10 days max! to Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, or Slovenia
star Deliveries to a non-EU address are not free. These incur a flat rate of GBP 20.00 and are sent as Priority Express Delivery, ie they will normally arrive:
within 2 days max! to Canada or USA
within 4 days max! to Chile, China, Colombia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, or United Arab Emirates

FREE Returns for 365 days - What it actually means

star If you live in the UK, you can send your ordered items back to Javari for FREE anytime and for any reason within 365 days after purchase IF they are unworn and in the original packaging (with any tags and labels still attached) or if they do not perform as expected or show damage not associated with normal wear. Any postage that you incur Javari will refund at the time they accept your return!
star So, please note: If you later realize that the size, color, or style doesn't suit you, and you have worn the item already or taken off any tags or labels or thrown away the packaging, then Returns naturally are not free even if you live in the UK (because Javari can't sell the item anymore)!
star If you live outside the UK, Returns are currently not free under any conditions.
star Returns are initiated online easily by visiting this link: Javari Returns - Returns are being refunded within 14 business days max(!) in the same form of payment originally used when you purchased the item. In case of a problem or question, you can contact Javari here.
star To exchange an item you will order a new item, and obviously you will have to meet the same conditions as mentioned above in order to return the current item.

100% Price Guarantee - What it actually means

star If within 14 days after your order you find another website that offers a lower ordinary final price, or if within that period Javari lower the price on their own site, they will credit your original payment method for 100% of the difference!
star Ordinary final price means that auction prices or promotional prices (such as rebates, discounts, gift certificates, "buy one, get one free" offers, etc) are not eligible for Javari's Price Match Guarantee, and that the price must include any additional charges of the competitor. Also, of course the item that you find on another website must be currently available for purchase and in the same size, style and colour.
star 100% Price Guarantee also means that the price you see from Javari for a certain shoe model does indeed apply to that shoe model, regardless of the size you order and when you order. - Conversely, Amazon and other vendors often have significantly differing prices depending on the shoe size and your actual order time. Although in some cases this demand-based pricing may allow you to get a yet again lower price, overall it is of course to your disadvantage (that's exactly why many vendors use demand-based pricing: It increases their overall profit!).

starstarstarThe above are the best delivery terms for physical items available anywhere!starstarstar

You may also be interested to see what result Javari got in a recent customer experience survey.

These are the reasons why currently "Javari.co.uk is THE destination for shoe lovers" - as they rightfully claim on their website. In addition, of course they offer a wide and deep range of products too.

So, then why are these unrivaled terms only part of the story?

The answer lies in why we have used the word "currently" already in the very first sentence at the top of this page: "Let us clearly explain why it is sensible to currently buy your FLY London shoes through us from Javari, the Amazon subsidiary":

star Javari's parent company, Amazon, are still in the process of launching Javari as a specialised apparel retailer. Therefore they currently promote Javari with huge amounts of manpower, money, and marketing. You as potential customer and we as customer and Associate receive these unrivaled terms because of that.
star There is no guarantee as to how long Amazon are willing to subsidize, support and promote Javari to this extent. So, why not make best use of it for as long as they do?!

We anticipate that one day we may have to completely reorganize our site and its content - this will be when Javari and Amazon are no longer your best and second-best choice to buy FLY London products.

But, at the moment, Javari clearly are your best choice in most cases, and Amazon your second-best choice in the remainder. Hence, where a certain product is available from Javari, it is sensible to get it from Javari - and not for example from Amazon or any other party. Only where a certain product is not available from Javari, or where in limited cases Amazon's demand-based pricing would give you a lower price, it is sensible to buy from Javari's parent company Amazon: At the moment, Amazon generally are your second-best choice - see Why Amazon?

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