Why Amazon?


When in 2011 we embarked on the adventure to build MY FLY LONDON for you, it was all about Javari being the best place to buy FLY LONDON shoes if you weren't near one of the FLY LONDON Brand Stores or quality general shoe boutiques.

History lesson: Javari

Since then the landscape has changed considerably, so much so that for several years we couldn't develop MY FLY LONDON further. You may have noticed in the past. - But now MY FLY LONDON is back, for you! :-)

In the meantime Amazon has swallowed the ueber-successful Javari, and now Amazon continues to offer many of the great features and terms that cosmopolitan shoe buyers like you require.

And although Amazon can't or doesn't do what MY FLY LONDON does for you - see Why MY FLY LONDON - once you have learned all about your new FLY LONDON shoes from MY FLY LONDON, now Amazon is your best online retailer for shoes as well.

Amazon Shoe Sales

  • FREE Delivery in 3 to 5 business days - or Same Evening!
  • FREE Returns on UK orders for 30 days!
  • Super Price - up to 70% off!

Please be aware that in the rare cases where another retailer may seem to have a better offer for your desired shoe size and colour you may end up paying a higher price elsewhere because of inferior terms of delivery and returns elsewhere.

Don't Walk, FLY!Also note that when a courier merely leaves a card in your postbox saying you'll have to collect your parcel from their nearest collection point, you will automatically pay a higher price! Unless you walk.

We suggest you better FLY, don't walk. And so MY FLY LONDON will always link to the overall best offer!

If ever you feel you need to return your shoes to Amazon: here's the quickest, easiest way.

Amazon easy returns

Any questions? Please speak out below, we love to hear from you.

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