How FLY LONDON Shoes are made



MY FLY LONDON has cut a video for you that shows How FLY LONDON Shoes Are Made - The Making Of FLY LONDON Shoes. The soundtrack is the original Portuguese language, but you can mute the video. None of us in the family know enough Portuguese to create English subtitles - maybe you?

Creating the Shoes

Pure curiosity aside, this video may help you appreciate the reason for size variations of FLY LONDON shoes. Because you see here, documented by MY FLY LONDON: FLY LONDON shoes are still handmade to a large extent. Real human beings attend to the details of your new shoes!

FLY LONDON Shoe CreationFLY LONDON Shoe CreationFLY LONDON Shoe CreationFLY LONDON Shoe CreationFLY LONDON Shoe CreationFLY LONDON Shoe Creation

FLY LONDON Shoes Delivery

Even the Vans are Special

After creating the FLY LONDON shoes and quality control, the shoes are delivered to stores and retailers with these cute FLY LONDON trucks.

FLY LONDON Shoes On Sale

FLY LONDON Shoes on saleOn international shoe fairs and in quality shoe stores the prestigious FLY LONDON shoes then go on sale.

FLY LONDON Shoes on saleFor customers who aren't near an exclusive FLY LONDON store or a quality general shoe store, FLY LONDON also offer selected shoe models through online retailers like Amazon. For this, see Why Amazon.

FLY LONDON Fashion Products Too

FLY LONDON Shoes DeliveryFLY LONDON Shoes on saleIn the exclusive FLY LONDON Stores customers can obtain FLY LONDON fashion products as well.

Where FLY LONDON Shoes Are Made

handmade FLY LONDON shoesFLY LONDON shoes are still made in Portugal: in Guimarães and in Paredes de Coura. In Guimarães also is the head office of the KYAIA Group of Companies, as well as a Sales Outlet. We have created a satnav map for you should you wish to visit, you can find it here.

Initially all FLY LONDON shoes were made in Fortunato's home country Portugal - well-known for their dedication to exceptional build quality. Only when FLY LONDON shoes became a global success thanks to their comfort and style, for the better environmental footprint Fortunato started to have the shoe lines that are being sold overseas (outside all of Europe) to also be manufactured overseas (first in Pakistan, and when the quality was considered insufficient, in China).

So, once again, all FLY LONDON shoes sold in all of Europe are made in Portugal - with the build quality the Portuguese are so famous for.

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