Mar 052012

FLY LONDON Yogi are available in the following colours and variations: Black, Black Patent, Camelbrown, Dark Brown, Graphite, Greybrown, Lead, Matt Black, Military, Navyblue, Petrol, Red, Red Patent.

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FLY LONDON Yogi Black Patent
Black Patent
FLY LONDON Yogi Camelbrown
FLY LONDON Yogi Dark Brown
Dark Brown
FLY LONDON Yogi Graphite
FLY LONDON Yogi Greybrown
FLY LONDON Yogi Matt Black
Matt Black
FLY LONDON Yogi Military
FLY LONDON Yogi Navyblue
FLY LONDON Yogi Petrol
FLY LONDON Yogi Red Patent
Red Patent

FLY LONDON Yogi are sporty womens pull on platform ankle boots with 0.5 inch platform and 2.75 inch wedge heels.

Yogi are short ankle boots, and if it wasn't for the 2 inch higher front shaft then these womens boots would rather be shoe boots or booties: The back is only marginally higher than that of shoes, and the elasticated back allows for easy slip on.

Although FLY LONDON Yogi are platform boots, the platform is really low. Yet enough to make the 2.75 inch wedge heels feel like you are walking in flat shoes! These leather boots for women are insanely comfy!

The leather flap across the elasticated back is fastened with a large, strong piece of velcro. The sole is the successful medium-anti-slip sole you know from a hundred or so other FLY LONDON shoes and FLY LONDON boots.

FLY LONDON Yogi have the same base and offer the same toe height as FLY LONDON Your shoe boots/booties, and although the looks do have some similarities both these models do feel very different indeed: Yogi feel more like womens ankle boots, while Your feel more like shoe boots.

The fact that there is almost no shaft lend Yogi wedge boots a 'sporty' feeling. I have Yogi in Petrol and Your in Green, and I would say that Your's higher shaft is definitely more useful in bad weather conditions here in the UK, but Yogi do make me walk quicker with the dogs. :-)

The genuine leather is of course very soft and feels cozy on the feet. Same as for Your. In my personal opinion though, Your are more suitable to be worn with skirt, while Yogi fit better to trousers, leggings and the like.

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