Feb 232012

FLY LONDON Lacy are available in the following colours and variations: Greenolive - Offwhite, Purple - Lilac, Purple - Yellow - Lilac.

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FLY LONDON Lacy Greenolive - Offwhite
Greenolive - Offwhite
FLY LONDON Lacy Purple - Lilac
Purple - Lilac
FLY LONDON Lacy Purple - Yellow - Lilac
Purple - Yellow - Lilac

FLY LONDON Lacy are chic ladies leather wide open slingback sandals shoes with 2.25 inch kitten heels.

Lacy womens sandals were the first kitten heels I got from FLY LONDON, and since I've been having only positive experience with these kitten heel sandals I feel somehow 'attached' to Lacy.

FLY LONDON Lacy are mid heels slingback sandals with outside buckle fastening.

Like almost all FLY LONDON shoes, these ladies sandals shoes are made of quality genuine leather. Note however that the sole and heels of FLY LONDON Lacy are one-piece rubber, which allows for great grip, good stability and, what feels like, 'cushioned' walking!

The two small leather straps on each side in front of the heel further increase stability for the wearer. Despite the kitten heels I never wobble in my Lacy.

Being wide open all around except for the front, FLY LONDON Lacy are the right womens footwear for going out at night and for spring, summer and autumn strolls during the day - except for the hottest few summer days.

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