Feb 222012

FLY LONDON June are available in the following colours and variations: Camel, Dark Brown, Green, Greybrown.

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FLY LONDON June Dark Brown
Dark Brown
FLY LONDON June Greybrown

FLY LONDON June are fashionable high heels leather ladies sandals with 0.75 platform and 4.25 inch chunky stiletto heels.

June platform heels have the same shoe base (sole and heels) as FLY LONDON Jules, FLY LONDON Joss, FLY LONDON Jon, FLY LONDON Jell, FLY LONDON Jasp, and FLY LONDON Jalep.

Despite being high heels, all sandals, shoes, and boots with this base are magically comfortable! The secret of FLY LONDON's comfortable high heels lies in the fact:

  • they are platform heels
  • the heels are slightly forwards pointing
  • the sole is slightly curved upwards at the front
  • and the material is quality rubber

All these special features together can even make 4.5 inch high heels bearable for the wearer!

The genuine leather of FLY LONDON June is soft and comfortable too. The outside buckle fastening allows for good stability.

The 1-inch wide leather strap extending along the middle of these fashionable platform sandals is fastened with three nice studs - so if you have very delicate feet, you may want to use a good blister plaster during the first few days.

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