FLY London Jone are available in the following colours and variations: Black, Camel, Green, Greybrown, Purple.

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FLY London Jone Black
FLY London Jone Camel
FLY London Jone Green
FLY London Jone Greybrown
FLY London Jone Purple

FLY London Jone are stylish womens foldover leather ankle boots with 2.7 inch wedge heels.

Jone are pull on ladies boots that feature an about 5 inch high leather foldover or ‘turndown’ collar at the top of the boot leg.

Well-made stitching and two symmetric studs on the vamp fit well to the elegant looks of these wedge boots.

As typical for FLY London shoes, the snug comfort of the processed genuine leather is a class of its own.

The sole and wedge heels of FLY London Jone are the same successful sole and heels that you know from countless other shoes of this world-renowned shoe brand, for example FLY London Jase and FLY London Janie – making Jone great winter boots.

FLY London Jone are ankle boots for women who like unobtrusive yet compliment-catching womens footwear! And so comfy!

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