Feb 062012

FLY LONDON Jinda are available in the following colours and variations: Black Suede, Purple Suede.

Click on any image below to see FLY LONDON Jinda in detail and to try them on:

FLY LONDON Jinda Black Suede
Black Suede
FLY LONDON Jinda Purple Suede
Purple Suede

FLY LONDON Jinda are trendy womens pull on foldover leather ankle boots with 1.75 inch block heels.

Jinda come in genuine leather or suede leather, and they feature an about 5 inch long leather foldover (or 'waistcoat') that makes them look very trendy!

Right below this, just above the vamp, a double-spiral studded leather belt lends these womens boots extra chic! They look even better than on the picture, they are a georgeous leather boots dream!

Very well made pull on boots, including the sole and heels, very comfortable - amazing ladies boots!

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