FLY London Jet are available in the following colours and variations: Camel, Greybrown, Red, Yellow.

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FLY London Jet Camel
FLY London Jet Greybrown
FLY London Jet Red
FLY London Jet Yellow

FLY London Jet are cute leather womens moccasins with flat heels.

Jet feature a leather cross bar or cross strap right across the vamp, held down with velcro on the outside of the foot. The entire shoe, including the insole, is made of soft genuine leather, while the shoe sole is padded with an extra layer of composite.

These luxurious moccasins for women also show handcrafted stitching in feminine curves all around the shoe.

Like the FLY London Jess Moccasins, FLY London Jet too are so comfortable that you can’t notice wearing shoes!

Although these ladies moccasins are low-cut, the leather cross straps firmly hold the shoes on your feet.

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