Jan 282012

FLY LONDON Jasp are available in the following colours and variations: Black, Dark Brown, Greybeige, Petrolgreen, Red.

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FLY LONDON Jasp Dark Brown
Dark Brown
FLY LONDON Jasp Greybeige
FLY LONDON Jasp Petrolgreen

FLY LONDON Jasp are fashionable ladies leather platform high heels slip on shoes with 1 inch platform and 4.5 inch chunky stiletto heels.

Jasp are astonishing ladies shoes from the FLY LONDON brand again: Despite the remarkable 4.5 inch high heels these chic shoes can be worn comfortably all day long!

What contributes to the comfort is of course the thick platform, the stretch leather belt across the upper, and the ultra-soft genuine leather. Still, there must be some decent amount of FLY magic involved.

With the low-cut vamp and low-cut sides FLY LONDON Jasp would be court shoes had they not this trendy elasticated leather belt that holds your foot in place.

What gives these platform shoes extra chic is the stitching and perforated leather all around the opening. Makes Jasp elegant shoes!

Our younger daughter has FLY LONDON Jasp - although you know I am against high heels, especially for a young girl. But I couldn't stop her from buying these FLY shoes, and so she has them! Admittedly, she looks like a filmstar in these sexy stiletto heels - getting compliments even when I am with her!

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