FLY London Jase are available in the following colours and variations: Black, Camelbrown, Dark Brown, Green, Red.

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FLY London Jase Black
FLY London Jase Camelbrown
FLY London Jase Dark Brown
Dark Brown
FLY London Jase Green
FLY London Jase Red

FLY London Jase are discreet womens leather ankle boots with almost 3 inch wedge heels.

For Jase, four pieces of genuine leather have been put together with cambered stitching, lending feminine curves to these otherwise discreet ladies boots.

FLY London Jase feature a full-length inside zip to easily get in and out. This helps a lot because Jase are high heels womens boots.

The sole and wedge heels of these ankle boots for women are made of the same modern-looking composite that we know from FLY London Janie – but otherwise the style of Jase is of course very different.

FLY London Jase are very comfortable to wear – as we are used to expect from FLY London shoes. And with the right waterproofing these wedge boots can be worn all winter. – Just get one size larger so that they still fit with winter socks.

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