FLY London Iwo are available in the following colours and variations: Aquamarinegreen, Black, Blue, Bright Red, Indigo, Raspberry.

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FLY London Iwo Aquamarinegreen
FLY London Iwo Black
FLY London Iwo Blue
FLY London Iwo Bright Red
Bright Red
FLY London Iwo Indigo
FLY London Iwo Raspberry

FLY London Iwo are stylish womens leather pull on sandal boots with 3.2 inch stiletto heels.

Iwo are the sandal boots sister of Isha, and another great example of FLY London’s creativity!

Like womens sandals, FLY London Iwo are wide open both at the toes and at the heel. In addition, the perforated genuine leather lends an airy, summery feel.

On the other hand, Iwo‘s ankle high leather shaft and the full leather lining lend this exquisite model of womens footwear the protection and cosiness of womens ankle boots.

The polygonal shaped high heels make FLY London Iwo all the more attractive. And the use of super-soft leather, including for the lining and the insole, add to the extreme comfort of these unusual womens boots.

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