Jan 242012

FLY LONDON Isha are available in the following colours and variations: Aquamarinegreen, Black, Blue, Indigo, Raspberry, Red.

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FLY LONDON Isha Aquamarinegreen
FLY LONDON Isha Indigo
FLY LONDON Isha Raspberry

FLY LONDON Isha are posh ladies open toe low-cut leather slip on shoe boots with 3.2 inch stiletto heels.

Isha are a great example of FLY LONDON's creativity to mix the established features of the different types of shoes to come up with a new look and feel! As the firm's ethos says: "Always Progressive, Never Conventional".

The result: FLY LONDON Isha are a groundbreaking blend of womens sandals, womens shoes, and womens boots.

Isha's wide open toe area, the perforated leather throughout, and the low-cut heel coverage lend this impressive example of womens footwear the look and feel of summer sandals. Indeed, ideal for the evening stroll, shopping trip, or party or reception to impress!

Notwithstanding, the low-cut leather lining, the boots-style high top vamp and the luxuriant leather collar add to Isha the look and feel of womens boots - or rather womens booties or shoe boots as we say in the UK.

The fascinating point I am trying to make is that FLY LONDON Isha seems to reveal these - normally contrarian(!) - footwear features when we want it. Meaning, Isha feel like summer sandals when we want it, and they feel like shoe boots when we want it.

Hard to believe, I know. You really need to try on FLY LONDON Isha yourself. In a shoe boutique, or easier right here on MYFLYLONDON.com and then trial ordering them from Javari or Amazon, so that you could send them back for free - which you won't. ;-)

Another great feature of FLY LONDON Isha is that they don't feel as high as they are. Probably partly due to the slightly inbound polygonal heels. Allowing for comfortable walks all day long!

As you guessed, I have Isha myself: In Indigo and in Aquamarine. The soft genuine leather and the overall feel is a woman's dream!

I could go on and on revelling in the superiority of these FLY LONDON shoes over almost any other shoe brand I know of, but you probably prefer to bask in them yourself.

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