FLY London Imp are available in the following colours and variations: Aquamarine, Black, Blue, Bright Red, Raspberry.

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FLY London Imp Aquamarine
FLY London Imp Black
FLY London Imp Blue
FLY London Imp Bright Red
Bright Red
FLY London Imp Raspberry

FLY London Imp are unusual womens leather pull on open ankle shoe boots with 3.2 inch stiletto heels.

Imp are unusual womens boots in the sense that they are wide open across the entire vamp area of the foot.

Without the incredibly soft and loose-fitting short shaft, FLY London Imp would actually be high heels court shoes – which is why they are a hybrid called shoe boots.

Another distinguishing feature of FLY London Imp as compared to womens ankle boots is that Imp offers perforated genuine leather throughout – lending these womens shoes a bit of a summer look and summer feeling.

The stiletto high heels of these remarkable ankle boots for women have the often copied polygonal shape that has become one of the many hallmarks of the FLY London brand.

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