Jan 112012

FLY LONDON Goon are available in the following colours and variations: Black, Bluegrey, Camel, Dark Brown, Green, Greybrown, Offwhite, Plumred, Raspberry, Red, Silver.

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FLY London Goon Black
FLY London Goon Bluegrey
FLY London Goon Camel
FLY London Goon Dark Brown
Dark Brown
FLY London Goon Green
FLY London Goon Greybrown
FLY London Goon Offwhite
FLY London Goon Plumred
FLY London Goon Raspberry
FLY London Goon Red
FLY London Goon Silver

FLY LONDON Goon are fashionable ladies leather toe post ankle strap wedge sandals with 1 inch platform and 3 inch cork wedge heels.

Goon are similar to Geeb, and both are toe post sandals with two-ring star bar, however FLY LONDON Goon feature one more leather strap across the center of the foot and the outside buckle fastening is higher up, over the ankle.

The platform heels of these womens sandals have the same height as Geeb (net height just over 2 inch), and the cork wedge heels are the same too.

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