FLY London Gal are available in the following colours and variations: Black, Blue, Camel, Dark Brown, Green, Petrol, Plumred, Raspberry, Silver.

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FLY London Gal Black
FLY London Gal Blue
FLY London Gal Camel
FLY London Gal Dark Brown
Dark Brown
FLY London Gal Green
FLY London Gal Petrol
FLY London Gal Plumred
FLY London Gal Raspberry
FLY London Gal Silver

FLY London Gal are discreet slip on leather ladies sandals with 1.25 inch platform and 3 inch cork wedge heels.

Gal can really be worn to anything: from elegant dress to casual skirt or jeans, shorts, bikini, or indeed nude. For work, party, promenade, at home, on the beach, anywhere! Gal wedge sandals are one of the most versatile shoes I own.

Being platform heels, the actual lift for the foot is not as big as it seems, meaning less weight transfer onto toes and ball of the foot and hence a healthier body posture. The soft genuine leather further adds to a comfy walking experience.

I have FLY London Gal platform sandals in Silver and boy I look good with them people say! As these womens sandals are so versatile I like to wear them when I shop for clothes. With FLY London Gal on my feet I can try on anything I like. They are my ‘litmus test’ when I buy new clothes.

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